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Hello! I'm Michelle, a 43 year-old former special education teacher, part-time freelance writer, and obsessive knitter. I was Grandma taught at an early age and haven't been able to put down the needles since. (Yes, I was the geek in high school knitting on the bus on band trips.)

While recovering from surgery a few years ago, I searched for knitting patterns on line to keep me busy and discovered a whole new world! I had no idea there were so many beautiful yarns to be stashed (Wal-mart is my only LYS), techniques to be learned, knitting gurus to learn from, and especially friends to be made.

I have since been seen knitting in movie theaters, on the cushy leather sofas in American Eagle, a NASCAR race, and basically anywhere I go.

I haven't been able to work for a few years, which allows me lots of time for knitting and stash accumulation. I knit for myself, friends, family, and lots for charities- my way of giving back. God has blessed me in so many ways!

I am married to a wonderfully tolerant husband (he has to be- his motorcycle hobby is more expensive than mine!), and have two teenaged girls who knit scarves for Christmas presents. I'm so proud.


Knitting (duh), reading everything, gardening though I'm not green thumbed, camping- especially playing in the fire and pretending to fish, watching movies (while I knit), sewing, eating homemade bread and chocolate pie.