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Love your booties...but what does "M1" mean? Arlene in TX


I wrote Arlene, but if anyone else needs to know, M1 is Make 1 or increase 1 stitch. I do this by casting on with a thumb loop. It disappears and doesn't make a hole. Use the method you prefer!


Hi, I search work hand knit garment. I have experience
I live in Romania/europa
Thank you


Hi again! Can you tell me if your jiffy booties in worsted here can be made smaller? about what size are these? I am looking for newborn - 3 month size. What needle size should i use?
blessings, grace in VT

Marilyn Sommers

I want to make big poof like booties for an infant. I found puffy yarn with a gauge of 2.5 sts to an inch on size 15. Do you think this pattern will work, any changes?

Thanks for you help.


Will the kool-aid idea work for most types of wool!??? if it does WOW!!! no more boring colors!!!



Hi Michelle,

Can you tell me how many DP needles you used for the jiffy booties? I have been looking all over the net for a bootie pattern that I liked and yours are just the perfect chunkiness and I love the colour. But so far I am only a two-needle knitter :( I have my heart set on these booties for my sister who is having the first grandchild in our family :) Can you perhaps give me any pointers, tips, tricks to get going with the DP needles?? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!!

Nancy Gibbons

For the baby booties (with the red pic) it seems that Round 2 doesn't add up to the proper number of stitches. How can one take 22 sts from the first row and follow the instructions for Round 2?

Waiting your reply. Thanks.

julie kloth

what does the ssk stand for also the tbl i need to know meaning of these two terms thank you


Hi there, I have been knitting for a little while but I have only really been able to make square/rectangular things such as pot holders or scarfs. I'm looking to try making other items and this pattern caught my eye. However, there are some terms in here that I'm not familiar with. Such as, K1, Tog and ssk. Could you please help me with knitting lingo? Thank you!
From: Celine


K1 is knit 1
Tog is together (e.g. K2 Tog is knit 2 together)
ssk is slip, slip, knit

Donna Thomas

I know SSK means slip, slip, knit. What is the method on how to do this and what does it do?

Farida Magoo

Hi please explain what is SSK

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