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love your site......... glad that you share your life...... .I was wondering....in your post to AC4C you mention working on a mistake rib baby sweater........ would you share the site......sounds really interesting..


I like this hat pattern but could you make it smaller?What age does it fit?


Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking all over for a really cute baby hat that doesn't look so, well, old fashioned. Thanks for the multiple pattern options. Too cool!

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They'll never notice a few more skeins- there's yarn in every closet anyway. Here's the pattern if anyone wants to try it. Let me know if something doesn't make sense.

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I love such patterns



Each method has its own appeal. And at some point you'll find it quite handy to know both English and Continental knit stitches, because you can employ both of them simultaneously for a very efficient technique


What are the sizes after they are complete? I would like to work on one for a newborn since my bundle of joy is due in a month :)

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