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That just stinks. I can't believe you are short on so many projects. I really like the looks of your tote bag. Would you consider a different color on the sides? Or stripes on the sleeves of the orange sweater?


The cable stitch on your tote is lovely - it's what I'm working my way towards... I've always wanted my own cable knit sweater... sigh


The coral sweater looks so lovely. Too bad about the buttonholes. I've done an afterthought buttonhole before where you secure and then snip into the fabric. Pretty scary but it was a lifesaver! Snaps would be cool too, though. Good luck getting back on track. I know that sometimes it seems like every project has got major issues. Hang in there. They'll get better!


You are such a soulmate!! I, too, knit in the movies. ?Several months ago, a skein of Pachuko organic cotton escaped and rolled several rows toward the front of the theater. Fortunately I was able to retrieve it before someone got hurt!

AS to your many projects: Here's my philosophy, if in doubt, start another one.

Happy knitting!!


Just found your blog and am loving it. I am new to knitting, but am also an avid reader. I notice that you are reading Sheri Reynolds and highly (!!) recommend you read "Rapture of Canaan" - it's my favorite. Enjoy!

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