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HI I JUST SEEN YOUR PATTERN ON baby booties i cant wait to make them. I have a question how would i do them on the round? I am a new knitter also I am new on computer. thank you maria


I love this pattern!I have made a couple pairs and the pattern is so quick!


Any tips on how to "neatly" sew up the back and heel? That's where I have my problems. (O:


Gerry krissel

thank you .lost pattern for years have searched. do for local hospital plus 18 other ladies. also do for neo-natal, nursery, ped, chemo and surgical wards thanks again gerry




i need to know how to make a full set of sweater and a cap nd booties for a new born with the easiest method or simplest pattern

pl help me and its urgent



Hey there!

Love your patterns, thank you for sharing them. I have a question about the sport weight baby booties. I'm knitting them right now and I'm at the decreasing part. I am still a pretty beginner knitter, when you say to "continue the decrease pattern" until there are 17 stitches left (I'm knitting the full term baby size) do you mean that for the next row after: "P 9(11, 14, 17), P2 tog P1, P2 tog, P 9(11, 14, 17)" that I should K 8(10, 13, 16), K2 tog K1, K2 tog, K 8; and then P 7(9, 12, 15), P2 tog P1, P2 tog, P 7(9, 12, 15)... and so on until there are 17 stitches left for me?

Sorry if that was confusing! Thanks for whatever help you can offer :)

Take care,

Sara Jean

I was a fairly beginning knitter with practically non-existent crochet skills when I decided to knit my first pair of booties for a baby at church. Yours were the only booties I could find that I could make, and I've been making them ever since, even now that my skills are much better. thanks!


I made these booties (full term size) in about an hour using Caron Simply Soft Worsted weight yarn and they came out beautifully! Thanks a lot for the pattern!


Looks like a good and easy pattern but do they stay on the foot good. It's so hard to find one that does.


The very first comment here on your site asks about how to knit these in 'the round' WAY back in 4/8/05 If you are still coming here could you possibly post this information for us?? Thanks!!!


Samantha Coutts

Hi, just stumbled upon your site! I love it thanks!! : ) I was wondering if these would fit a 7 month old baby in the full size? Or do I need to adjust the pattern? I have only been knitting for just over a year and these will be my first booties! : ) Thanks!


when you say "double rows for fold down cuff", does that mean double the number of rows? So if I want a fold down cuff, and I have to rib 6 rows, I would knit 12 rows?
thank you!



I am a new knitter too...Can I make pair of booties on one circler needle if so I guess I would need two skeins of yarn or one skein and into 2 balls. How much yarn will I need for the project.


micheline laplaine

hello !
thank you very much to the american and english woomen who give all these patterns, they are very useful for preemies. I am french and I had to spend a lot of time to find quickly made booties and hats. thank you again and if you have another ideas I am ok to receive them
micheline laplaine Paris


these instructions are so clear and wonderful!! my friend's baby is gunna be a very happy little girl with theses wonderful booties!! THANKS SO MUCH! :)

Kelly McInroy

I just did your pattern and it was easy, but now I don't know how to "Sew back and sole of bootie". Can you help?

Minh Han

Hmm. Interesting that I dont see replies to some of the comments that have been placed on this blog from the blogger. Maybe they're there and I just can't see them. But if they're not there, I would like to throw in my 2 cents.

Maria & Beth asked for the pattern if knit in the round. Here it is:
CO 25 (29,35,41), divide sts evenly on 3 DPNS [you can use circular needles, but I found that was hard to do with such a small diameter cuff. Double pointed needles are much easier to work with in this case IMHO.]
1) Join last st casted on to first st, being careful not to twist the sts. K row
2) Purl row 2
3) Repeat steps 1-2 (knit & purl each successive row) for 8 (10,12,14) rows
4) [begin decreases] K 10 (12,15,18), K2tog, K1, K2 tog, K10 (12,15,18)
5) K9 (11,14,17), K2tog, K1, K9 (11,14,17)
6) K8 (10,13,16), K2tog, K1, K(10,13,16)
7) Cont decrease pattern until 17 (19,23,27) sts left
8) [ribbed cuff], K1P1 across row for 4 (5,6,7) rows. Double to 8 (10,12,14) to have a fold-down cuff
9) Bind off LOOSELY. [If you don't bind off very loosely, the cuff will not give.]

Sandy & Kelly:
If you're knitting flat on straight needles and need to sew up the seams, then you fold the thing in half and use a knitting or tapestry needle to sew back and forth to bring the seams together. I have to confess I haven't knit these booties flat. So, I have only had to deal with the sole.

Here's what I did for the sole:
1. Thread a DPNS through each side of the bootie, 11 or 12 sts, to create an “active edge.” Label as Needle #1 and #3. Beginning at the toe, pick up 2 sts. Label as #2.
2. K2tog on Needle #1 and slide stitch back on needle, turn work.
3. K2 sts that were originally picked up, then K2tog from DPNS #3. Slide st back onto the needle and turn work.
Repeat step 3, working down foot until all sts on each side are used and sole is formed.
Cut yarn, thread through remaining loops, and weave into heel.

This is hard to describe, so I don't know if it makes sense. The nice thing about doing the sole this way is that a flat sole is formed, and it doesn't look like a ragged edge has been sewn together. I'm sure it's not necessary though.

I hope this helps.

Minh Han

Goodness, I just started looking through the rest of this blog. I originally came here through a search for baby booties, as my brother and his wife are having a baby in a few months. I just had no idea Michelle the blogger had come down with a brain tumor. I was so sorry to hear that, and I feel terrible for implying that she was not replying to the posts. I hope you're better now, Michelle. And if not, I hope you know that your blog has affected many people. Thank you for your contribution to the community at large for your knitting patterns and insight.

Minh Han

Oh, so one more thing. On step 8 of my list, when making the ribbed cuff, since there are an odd # of sts, the ribbing doesn't work, as you end up starting and ending with a knit. So, for the first row only, K2tog for the first st, then P1,K1 through the rest. You should then end with a purl before starting again with a K for the beginning of the next row.

Sarah, the answer to your question is that you should decrease your sts until you have reached 27 sts, since you are knitting the full-term size and likely started with 41 sts casted on.

Maria, these booties take very little yarn. One skein of any yarn will likely make not just one but several pairs of booties. Now, I used Lion Brand worsted weight cotton, the stuff that comes in the one pound cone, so I would be able to knit several dozen pairs with one cone if I really wanted to.

liz irving

i enjoy knitting but i do not know when it says size 5 needles because im used with mm's
Liz xx

ina sandrew

Thank you for the baby sport booties.. in spite of the fact that i have been knitting since age 11 now 56 my mom read me patterns or made them herself... now that she has passed.. i am clueless about reading patterns... your baby booties were the only pattern i could do without help.. so thank you.. do you have a easy.. sweater to make as well.
becoming a grandma again.... thank you...

ina sandrew

do you know of a easy pattern for mary jane booties?
my grand daughter due next month.. thank you


What months are they made for? Could they be adjusted for a 18-month year-old?


Hi there,
I am very very new on knitting and sometimes have trouble with dechifering knitting language, can you please clarify. When beginning to decrease Do I knit 10 ROWS before knitting two together


Is it translated as " Knit 10 stitches, Knit 2 together, Knit 1, Knit 2 together, Knit 10 sitches.

Sorry for this but I am a beginner. Claryfication would be much appreciated.

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