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How do I get the answers to the question about the double rows if it says 5 then does it mean to do 5 more?


Patricia, it would be knit 10 sts, knit 2 sts together, knit 1, knit 2 sts together, knit 10 sts.

I have been knitting these booties for a women's resource center and for military mom's for more than a year and I have tried other patterns but this is the easiest and they fit the best!

Thanks so much Michelle.....


yeah, I managed to knit my first pair of booties

Alanna Bellflower

I've just had another printing nightmare! I highlighted the pattern for baby booties and hit 'print'. To my horror 6 pages of comments started to print and I couldn't stop my printer!
What the hockey puck are you suppose to do when that happens? Some sites print up just the pattern and others like this. I'm baffled- but I did get the pattern. Thank you!
Luv in Florida



I am not a beginner, but I do have a question. What exactly are you referring to by "bp". I have not seen this in the patterns I've used - mainly scarfs, hats, afghans and baby blankets. Nor have I seen them in the other baby bootie patterns I've seen.

shirley  mc hugh

hi there this is Shirley I would love if you could tell me what is Garter stitches


thanks so much i love this it is so cute an a stuffed animal!


avg is like norton it wont leave your hardrive i think both are crazy.. but anywho.. go to revo uninstaller . to uninstall that avg thingy.,

k Shaw

All I wanted was a pattern for babies booties to knit for a cancer charity. What I got was the pattern with five other pages of inane comments. How can I avoid this in future?

Gai Wakelam

Hi Found this patten about 4 days ago now my soon to arrive grand babie has a dozen pairs waiting for her or him

Would love a patten for a bonnet or little hat and mittins please

Thank you once again for such a great pattern

Regards Gai Wakelam


I have lost count of how many pairs of these booties I have made. You can change the size by changing the type of yarn and the size of needles - I've done everything from miniatures for the Christmas tree (lace weight yarn and teeny needles) to bed socks for a three-year-old (bulky yarn and bigger needles). Perfect stash-buster, car-knitting, bazaar contribution, quick gift... thanks a bunch!


Thank you for this wonderful and easy pattern!! I wish (wished?), every pattern would be written down as understandable as yours! English is not my mothertongue, and so I'm always happy, if a pattern is good to understand. Greetings from Flensburg, Germany! Andrea :)


Love it! I made some for a coworker and when my dad saw them he immediately commissioned a pair for one of his coworkers!


Is it possible to modify this pattern for a 3-6 month size?

Gai Wakelam

Hello May i just let you know i have knitted over 150 pairs of these booties, and find them so easy to make .
Thank you
G Wakelam


I was asked by a friend if I could knit something for his baby as his auntie who was the knitter in the family had passed away. Thank you for providing this lovely easy to follow pattern. I have knitted the expected bundle one for every day of the week, and I can't knit!!!!

Thank you :)


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