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Your ufo list made me laugh! I can so relate. Your Kool Aid yarn looks wonderful.


Suddenly I no longer feel bad about my neglected wips! But I'm not telling about the several mountains of yarn waiting for attention! Thanks for sharing! You made my day!!!
BTW, LOVE JUST LOVE those colors from the Kool-Aid!!!!


Your kool-aid dyed yarn is amazing. I can't wait to try that some time. Be sure to show the bag when done.


Your list just put a smile on my face. I can only manage one project at a time - it is difficult enough to remember where I'm at, and I often have to rip. The only time I have more than one project is when I have finished the knitting and need to seam. My seaming is horrible, so I console myself by starting another knit. Can't imagine trying to juggle many knits at one time, but it is fun just to think that it is possible!


wow no i really don't feel so bad.. i only have about 20 UFO's in various stages since the 1980's.. but then again i get on a binge and have to finish somethings sometimes.. but the oldest project i guess is only 15 years or so old.. k


I love the kool-aid yarn... it looks fab!

Your list is so impresses me! I don't have that many WIP, but you never know how quickly they may accumulate!

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