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G'day Michelle! Now that we all know what colour undies you've got on........
I'll share what pattern I'm using on my denim-ish shawl. Easy Peasy, Elizabeth Zimmermann "3-cornered shawl", SpunOut #37. It sickeningly easy to knit but makes for a very warm, very usable shawl. I'm not really a shawl wearer but have one I made last year and have wrapped it round myself heaps o' times this winter. ;o)


Michelle, I've been trying to reply to your email, but it got returned.

As I've recently learned, it does pay to make the thumbnail popups on pictures. The top picture on your blog is over 12 kbs, compared to less than 2 for the first picture on mine. Condensing saves both bandwidth and disk space. Which plan are you on? I've been blogging a little longer than you, and I've used up 22mb of my allotted 100. And up till last week, I didn't resize my pictures in Typepad either. Several others are having diskspace issues too....you might want to contact TP and ask them to check into that.

P.S. I have some dust bunnies I'd be willing to part with. Would you like them for your collection? :)

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