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I just found a new purse on a clearance table a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to have it. Why? It was divided into three zippered sections. The first had two zippered pockets inside, a key fob, and a built-in credit card holder. The third had about five or six little open pockets for random small things, and a built-in unbreakable mirror. The middle (and largest) compartment had....nothing. Perfect for my knitting!

Then the SO sees me take it to the mall with us, and says, is that a purse or a suitcase? The mocking stopped when I managed to fit all of our purchases (two video games and a DVD box set) in the middle section along with my knitting.


I hear you! With me, it's like Murphy's law. When I bring my knitting with me I don't have time to knit. But when I don't bother to bring my work with me I end up bored and without anything to do.


Of course it's not wrong to use the Noro intended for your Secret Pal. You saved her from yarn that was too dark, right? Unless I'm your Secret Pal. And kitchen fires make for some yummy cooking....like toasted marshmallows for somemores.

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