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I can sympathise wholeheartedly with you! My friend recently dragged me into a designer shop and was going to buy a scarf with a hood sewn into it halfway along (don't know they name of these!) Because it was an "in" designer label, she was prepared to pay £80 for it!!!! I'm standing there saying " I could knit that for less than £10, what a rip off!!" unaware that the owner was drawing me daggers with his eyes across the shop floor! Ah well, if people want to be foolish with their money.......


I am so with you on the label business. Why should I pay to do their advertising? But losing 20 pounds is great, even if you didn't have to work at it. I'd vote for that. Michelle, I love all the pretties you've got decorating the place. The hats, the sweaters, your entire blog page is filled with wonderful stuff. Your fingers have been busy busy busy.

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