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The cake turned out wonderful! The bookmarkers are devine! I wanna learn to ride, too! And I am jealous of your new yarn!

When can I come over? [ha ha ha]

Elaine James

I just visited your site and I think it is marvelous. I am going to knit a bookmark with the feather fan pattern. The picture of yours looks lovely I am very impressed with all of your knitting. You are a very talented person. Thank you for the patterns that you have posted on your site. Elaine James in Edmonton

Jacqueline Acevedo

I just discovered your blog. Cool! I myself am almost 46 (come Saturday), and learned to knit three months ago. I taught myself reading "Dummies" book and googling "free easy patterns". Now. I'm addicted! I even knit on stop lights! Sometimes I wish I encountered more red lights on the road to and from work!!!!
Anyway, here's to all of us who, recently or a long time ago, discovered knitting.
BTW, I also discovered crocheting, but it is tougher on my arthritic hands 8-(

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