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I've been searching for a simple bootie pattern using worsted weight yarn. Thanks for posting the/your pattern.


I really admire your knitting, you are soo talented! I am desperately trying to knit some baby socks and want to try these. But i used worsted on size 2 needles and the size is huge. Any advice? Blessings, grace
ps. i wish i could knit as lovely as you do and i really like your striped socks too!


I love these booties and I'm going to try to make some for my charity group. What yarn did you use? I love the brighter colors you chose.
Love your blog - I come visit everytime I need a break from work -- often!

Thanks for your wonderful site!


Namita Dhakal

These look adorable! Thanks for posting them. What size are these? I'm planning to knit a pair as part of a layette for my cousin's 1 month old. The sweater I made is for a 0-6 month old. I'd like the booties to match the sweater size. Should I make them bigger?


Great site! Thanks for sharing the patterns.


I am trying out this bootie pattern and they look huge!What age are they meant for?I love all the patterns that you do!


I've put a copy of your W W booties on my PC, but would love to be able to have a pic to go along with the pattern. No matter how hard I try..I just can't seem to get one. Can you tell me what I doing wrong?



This pattern is fantastic! Quick and easy! Thanks for making it available. Love your blog!



Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your pattern-designing genius, and for sharing it with the world - I'm a relative beginner, but even I can manage these booties - AND (big plus) they're not knitted in the round! Just one thing, I hate doing p2togtbl, so I substituted that with sl1,p1,psso and I think that works better for me. Thanks.

Kathy Moore

I am expecting my first granddaughter in January. I've already made a pink cap for her and was searching for a bootie pattern when I saw yours. One question, what does SSK mean.....I'm familiar with slip stitch but do not recall seeing SSK in a pattern. Thanks.

Soraya Brophy

Hi, I just taking a look in this web and i really love.
is very easy pattern. thank you for share


I would also like help with ssk--please explain--thanks.


I have the same questin what does SSK and tbl means? I suggest a glossary with the terms you use. I will love to make this booties for my grandson but as a begginer, I have to wait for your answer.


I have been knitting your basic hat as beenies for the shoe boxes for "Operation Christmas Child" each box is filled with goodies for undr priveleged children around the world. I would like to make the easy baby booties but am unsure what the abreviation SSK means. I presume the tbl means through back of loop. And worsted yarn is 8ply

Your hat pattern is great, easy and not too many stitches, my sister and I have done quite a few and enjoying it. I can do one in an evening, so far 18, and all different!
Stephanie from Cairns, Australia

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Please tell me what SSK and P2tbl mean? How do you do this? Thank you so much.


SSK means slip slip knit - it's a type of decrease. P2tbl means purl 2 through back of loop.

sandra de

hi, thanks for a great little bootie pattern. Have just made my first pair and can't believe how cute and easy they were. thanks sandra

joyce W. Chapman

For the easy baby bootie pattern by OOO Baby Knits, what does it mean when the pattern states that you work in K1, P1 rib for 12.
Thank you for the reply.

Joyce W. Chapman


Is this at all hard ?


Knittinghelp.com has instructions for P2tbl. Just look at the ptbl and do the same thing with two stitches. Also has instructions for ssk.

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