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any changes coming ?


I just made these with Malabrigo worsted. I think the sizing will fit a 6-12 month old baby. These booties are quite big, they would not have even fit my 9lb newborns. A couple notes: P2tbl is listed as SSP on knittinghelp.com under "decreases". The decreasing should continue as Knit 11, Purl 10, Knit 9, Purl 8 etc as the beginning of the next rows. The ribbing should be done K1, P1 on the right side, and P1, K1 on the wrong side for 12 ROWS.


Thank you so much for your pattern. I've made a bunch for baby gifts and everyone loves them! I have placed your link onto my blog if that's ok, along with a modified pattern of mine. You can check it out at:
thanks again for this wonderful pattern!


This is a great pattern! Thank you so much. My friend (who is expecting twins) will be thrilled.


Hi - I have a question. Is that P2tbl meant to be a decrease? It just doesn't seem right to me for it not to be a P2togtbl. I'm not a new knitter but I don't design patterns. Is the "tog" just implied? Thanks!

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Hi, I just taking a look in this web and i like it! It's a very easy pattern. thank you for sharing!



hi, very new to all this knitting stuff lol
what is a slip slip knit?

patty iorg

If I wanted to make these a bigger size could you help me with the pattern? Post something? I have made a ton of these and everyone loves them. I just think I should make a bigger pair, some of the babies have bigger feet and cannot wear them very long.
Thank you,


This pattern is great for beginners! Ive just completed my booties and they look great.
Im new to knitting so its fun seeing the finished product.Thanks :)

Janice Cashner

I'm looking for a simple crochet pattern for newborns. Does anyone have one???? Using baby yarn I help with a group called "Helping Hands" and I have baby yarn so I need a pattern for specically baby yarn. Thanks JC

Lethia Cole

THank you so much for the easy bootie pattern. I need a quick and easy pattern for an infant hat now. A pattern that uses only 2 needles. Thank you so much. Lethia


I just wanted to let you know that I've included you in my blog feature with baby booties! Thanks for providing a *cute* pattern and here's the link in case you want to look and share with family and friends:

Thanks again!

Linda Wantroba

SSK means- slip, slip, knit 2 stitches together. TBL means- through back loop


I tried to make these booties, but when it came to the ribbing at the top....its come out like seed or moss stitch and not ribbing...then I found out to do ribbing you need an even number of stitches left on the needle....and 21 is not an even number of stitches!! Has anyone made these like the pattern states with the 21 stitches and have it come out right? Help! Thanks!


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I was confused by the p2tbl. Heres a video for anyone else who is having problems. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIYsGorjjXA


I too need a glossary as I am a brand new knitter.


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