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Secret Pal 4

Oh, the SnB tank makes my want to be 16 again! It looks great.


You aren't the only one! I searched the internet for "What does Clapotis mean?" and I found your post. I didn't find the answer yet, though.


Jayne Bisby

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In hydrodynamics, the clapotis (from French: "lapping of water") is a non-breaking standing wave pattern, caused for example, by the reflection of a traveling surface wave train from a near vertical shoreline like a breakwater, seawall or steep cliff. The resulting clapotic wave does not travel horizontally, but has a fixed pattern of nodes and antinodes. These waves promote erosion at the toe of the wall, and can cause severe damage to shore structures.[8] The term was coined in 1877 by French mathematician and physicist Joseph Valentin Boussinesq who called these waves ‘le clapotis’ meaning ‘standing waves’.[9][1

Jayne Bisby

p,s If you `google' the word Clapotis it throws up a fascinating view of knitted items created to look like standing waves. Ribs with lace inserted in between each rib (or dropped stitches giving a vertical appearance to the knitted piece) therefore creating the appearance of water standing up, or for a more visual picture water crashing against rocks, a beautiful art and one I will be trying my self asap.
Incidently looking at the dark red wool in the photo it reminded me of stewed cherries, which is what I thought Clapotis was = Morello cherries in syrup purchased in glass jars for making delicious desserts with! I can dream cant I

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