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Hey, no fair!! You have finished objects! I have swatches and sketches... wanna trade?

I want to molest your lovely fair isle hat, and I'm glad to finally see someone say that the cervina yarn is fab since I've been stalking it on smiley's for the past few weeks. You may have just enabled me.

I have to ask you a question though. I've never done extensive fair isle before, and the resources out there arent really resources so much as pattern books, so this question isnt answered anywhere that i've looked; When you knit fair isle, does your gauge shrink? I mean your stitch gauge (row gauge being small or something was mentioned in Vogue Knitting). I had this lovely hat all planned out for my brother, and now it looks like it's going to be for his new baby. gah! (I was bad, i didn't swatch in pattern, i just swatched with one yarn.) And yes, I'm being good and spreading the stitches before knitting in a new colour, so there's no puckering.

Thanks for being such an awesome SP! I havent been that spoiled in years!

And now it's time to be late for work.


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