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I find my knitting competes with reading for my free time. This summer I really dived into novels, though -- I read The Historian, The Egyptologist, The Archivist (hmm, I think I see a trend) and have just started Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell. As well as lots of lighter mystery-type reading. and sorry about the high-school regimentation -- makes me realize that decades after I finished high school they still pay no attention to different learning styles.


This is really sad, but I think I only read one book this year. I am thinking of investing in some books on tape, so I can listen while I knit. I don't know if it will feel as good as really reading, though.


Cute baby sweaters.I just started my first one and it's reallt cute.I'm using some pink Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I got before I knew any better,What is the baby sweater pattern?

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