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Bristol ... Tennessee? My mother grew up in Briston, TN!!

Love the snowbear ... very fancy, what with the imported snow and all.

wool winder

Love the snowbear and your blog. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog, because I wouldn't have found yours without it.


Woah. I was just trolling the blogosphere looking for hot socks and mittens and to make sure I wasn't the only who's a total failure at Christmas (no luck here) but I saw Virginia Intermont and did a double-take. Since it's such a small school you rarely hear anything about it, but I spent a year there as a student in Equine Studies. If you have questions/need answers/want to chat about Bristol (I didn't get my degree there, so what I have to say is obviously not all positive), feel free to email me. Happy Solstice!

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