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Ha! I knew I did this meme before! Check the August 13 entry at Sheep Shots.

I haven't gotten any crazier in the last 5 months (at least I don't think I have).



Apparently I'm super strange. I do all of the same things damn near. It didn't even occur to me to think of them as strange when I was doing this meme. I totally feel ya on the magazine thing. Totally.


Wow - I haven't read under the covers in bed since I had to share a bedroom with my brother! It would always get too hot & stuffy. (Although I loved to wear flannel PJs and watch the static lightening under the covers. Still do! He he.) And the bad books/movies thing? Nope - I cut 'em off if they're bad for too long. More with movies then with books, but still.

Good list! I love the varigated colors of the new sweater. I have sock yarn that is similar. Hmmm.. I may have to pull that out and see what I can make of it.


I used to do that! or sit next to the night light on the floor! crazy book worms~

I definately take all those annoying cards out first...and i can't sit and do nothing either...I must be active! Weird? nahh THOROUGH...yeah yeah that's it!


Carrie K

I take all the subscription cards out first too. Who can read with them in? Drives me crazy. I also take out all the thicker than normal ad pages and perfumed pages. That can't possibly be weird. Ditto w/the church things. I hadn't thought of a bracelet. It would probably be much more appreciated by my pastor than what I currently do, which is stare at my watch.

Those Crumpet outfits are darling!

On your "What I'm Reading" list - Is that Sharyn McCrumb book new? How do you like the Alice Hoffman book? I've got her Ice Queen, but I haven't read it yet.

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