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Carrie K

Clearly you weren't at the meeting and so you were volunteered for the jobs! It sounds fun (most of it) (okay, the knitting on the porch, walking w/Cocoa and the beautiful scenery.)

Laundry is never done.

Are you still reading The Kite Runner? How do you like it?


Getting ready to do the same thing, hopefully WITHOUT the throwing up and dead mouse part though!;) Can't wait to sit on the dock with the dog, knit and watch my kids fish... :)


eh, mice. I feel your pain...

Looks like it was picturesque! I'm so ready for a vacay myself.

:) hope you enjoyed every minute...after the other stuff ;)


Okay, not so much on the sicknesses (both dog and girl) or some of the other bits, but other than those that vacation sounds wonderful! 10 degrees? Man, is that like in Canadian temps or what? Sadly, our camping season is over until late fall/winter. But I'm happy for you (and jealous, but I'll get over that).

wool winder

I like the way you went with the flow and improvised with the toaster oven. An adventure that won't soon be forgotten. This trip will surely become one of those "remember when" stories.

Carrie K

A HA! You're the one I can blame for my current Cheeto obsession.

All I can say is, I hope you're happy. And pass the Cheetos. ;)


Throw in a little shopping, plus a trip to a yarn shop and that would make it perfect for me.

Love your bright colours,

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