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Carrie K

Only enough for 23 pairs of socks? Heh. I think I have....two balls of sock yarn. Yarn specifically for socks. I don't actually like them. It's cotton & self striping and I like Elann's Peruvian Wool for socks more.

Cheetos, eh? I've been on a Fritos binge. It's wreaking havoc with my vow to tone up this summer. I'm fluffing up.


23 pairs of socks ain't too shabby. In fact, if you think more about *wearing* all the hand knit socks it's a better number than friggin' 68 pairs! It's funny - I have no problem imagining knitting up all those socks, but the idea of having that many hand knit socks in my wardrobe? Eep! Sends me into convulsions!

Wow, the colors and yarn for your Ribby Shell are lovely! I promise not to pester you about price and your 'source', but simply admire it. Stunning; I can't wait to see how it turns out.

And I like how your felted bag came out. What pattern is that? Hmmmm... I have a couple skeins of Fisherman's Wool and a whole lotta Kool-Aid...


Clearly you need more sock yarn!

wool winder

When you decide to knit a pair of socks, at least you'll have a choice.

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