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wool winder

Good luck on your new eating plan.

Great preemie blankets! I love the knitted ones, but I never take the time for that anymore. I sew all the ones I donate.


Looks like you had a great day! Even though I'm trying to eat healthier as well, I actually ate strawberry shortcake for lunch...just a big old bowl of strawberry shortcake, and it was delicious! That stuff in the chair (which is a very cool chair, by the way) is horsehair!


Ha! Your escapades around the parking lot made me laugh. I've had days like that. But you didn't give up and you didn't loose face, except the fact that Drew may read this.

Good luck with the new diet. I may need to look into this. I know I need to start something soon, and high cholesteral is one of my issues.

The baby sets are so pretty and sweet. And what an adventure with that chair!


the little wee baby sets are so precious!

hats off to you for re-doing the chair...Can't wait to see when you've finished!


These patterns you created will be very helpful to our charity! Love your blog!

Carrie K

I got roped into redoing a chaise lounge once - it was surprisingly easy, actually. Other than putting back the 800 scalloped pillows of the back. Thank heaven for stapler guns and industrial sewing machines.

I wonder what that ad is for? Colorful.

Oh, and I'm doing my new eating plan of Cheetos, cheetos all the time interspersed with coffee frappacino's. Possibly not fully nutritious.


I recently read an article about the Raw Foods Diet. Hmm. I'll take a piece of that cake too. Good luck to you and hubby, Michelle. Why does it have to be so hard!!!

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