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Oh, oh, peaches! I've actually been thinking about trying to get some peaches at the farmer's market tomorrow and doing some jam. I'm pretty good with peach jam. But freezer jam is good too, and you could make a pie or a cobbler. You could slice up the peaches to freeze and have pie or cobbler in the middle of winter! I wish I had fruit trees! The hat looks great, but what was the hospital thinking by giving out a knit-flat hat pattern? Do they not know about the wonderous invention that is circular needles?

Carrie K

I wish socks grew on trees. Darn all this jam talk, I'm missing my homemade jam even more.

ITA w/Julia - hats are meant to be knit in the round! Seamed hats. Unseemly.

wool winder

I can't believe all the cute stuff you have finished or almost finished. Summer must be a good time for you to get things done. My sock tree hasn't been producing much fruit lately. Might have to fertilize it a little.


hi mommy i love you!!!
love, DD#1 (what DOES that mean!?!?)

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