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Ah, well whatever frustrations or lack of desire towards some of your projects that you might be feeling, you've made some awesome "other" knits! The hats, sweater, and booties? Wonderful!
I, too, am going through some growing pains with my knits. None of my current 'on needles' items have my interest. And I've tried starting new things, only to find that I quickly loose interest in them as well. I think instead of new knits, I need some FOs.
Have fun on your vacation. Sounds like it will be quite memorable with the whole clan and whatnot.

wool winder

So many projects! I've tried that, but feel too much pressure if I have more than 2 or 3 going at once. I think you must be a very fast knitter. You always get so much accomplished. Enjoy your vacation!

Carrie K

Clearly the scales can't handle the heat. Defective.

I saw The Constant Gardener at the theater and it was about halfway over before I finally got into it. It probably would've helped if I'd had a clue what it was about. I didn't even realize it was adapted from a John Le Carre novel.

That sweater is adorable, and the socks & hat. And the ship hat. Well, the ship hat shouldn't be adorable now, should it?

Beaches & dolphins! Awesome.

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