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I have an extra step to eating figs in my back yard - duck from the big green beetles as they dive bomb me when I am picking my figs :)


Yum! Those figs look and sound delicious. (I want some.) Oh well, enjoy them for me, will ya?

I think that most everyone is in the same boat - summer knitting just isn't happening this year. There's a major lull out there, I don't know why and I can't wait until it's gone. I need to get some knittin' done.

I think that sock pattern may be the Drunken Master from here: http://swordqueen.tripod.com/id8.html? It's one that I have on my list of patterns to try.

Carrie K

I think I've seen that sock, but then again, I read knitting blogs. I think I've seen every sock incarnation known to man and then some.

Cool ribbing though.

Figs. I must have tried them at some point but I can't think of what they taste like. Hmm. Must check them out.


Do they taste as good as they are in the Newtons? I've never eaten a fresh fig, but it certainly sounds delicious!


Thanks for the comment! Yes, what is that all about with the plastic wrapped Interweave Knits magazine this time? Couldn't be for the lame scarf pattern insert they had... maybe it's for those of us that have photographic memories! LOL Nothing really knocked my socks off, either.


OOOOh figs..I grew up with a fig tree...They are so good...and fresh...nothing can beat them.

ew the bugs though...I remember it was a contest to get them off the tree before the bugs get them!

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I just started eating figs and I love them!


I have never eaten a fig--can I just pick them off the tree and eat them like an apple?? Should I wash them first?
Are they healthy or simply delicious--I'm a little Hesitant--Or can you tell?

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