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wool winder



Ha ha ha! I love it! It brought flashbacks of my own childhood reports about summer vacations and the like. All those details rammed together, no matter context. Too fun.

Thanks for the laughs and glad you had a great time. (Although I hope your eyes have healed fine.)

Carrie K

Are you sure it was fun? But then again, peach daiquiris and knitting make up for a lot. Glad you're back! Hope you find the camera.

Wasn't the assignment for a one page essay? lol. Cute, Michelle!


I am hoping that you can help me. I was using you yellow wiggles to make a sweater for charity and I followed the pattern as written. I got to the body and worked to the 6th button hole and am at the point to do the six rows of rib. I don't know what I missed since I did follow the pattern row by row but it look as if half the length of the sweater is missing.
I am hoping that you can help me since in order to have the button holes spaced apart I am going to have to rip the entire sweater out. I did the button holes every 8 rows as you stated yet the body of the sweater is only about 7 1/2 inches from the top to where you say to rib the six rown.
Please help me so that I can fix this sweater.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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