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Carrie K

And....and....and there's always something! It's insidious.

That boucle what-you've-done-of-it is beautiful though. You should finish it. You know, someday.

Good thing DH likes his socks!

wool winder

Isn't it rewarding to make something for someone else and for them to actually like it? Congrats on finishing the socks!

I've heard many people say those particular fingerless gloves are too short for their tastes. Sure are pretty, though.


Funny, I have a mate for your "Fetching" fingerlesss mitt for the same reason...! I liked the pattern but felt it was too short. Also, I would have liked it to fit more snugly although I was at gauge... How about you?


Yay for the finished and enjoyed socks! I like (and second) Carrie's comment "And... and.... and". Ha! I'm enjoying all these FOs that you're getting done. Keep it up - it allows me to ignore my UFO pile.


And for random...

Note to self: Wet 'Celery Ice' paint looks a lot like glow-in-the-dark green, and you won't be comforted by it's hue until it dries.

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