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Jane (crzjane)

I feel your pain. I've finished a pair of socks that are not going to fit. I'll be ripping and knitting them, again.
Things will get better.

wool winder

Wishing you a better week filled with nothing but successful knitting and candy.


Ha ha ha!

No, I'm not laughing AT you, I'm ... well... okay - I'm laughing at you! Hopefully, things will get better, candy will be relocated to within reach, and your knitting powers will return.


I just cut my tongue (the tip) on a Tootsie Pop. I put it down to try and sooth the cut (and stop bleeding), but then I had to finish it... 'cause it is tasty! (Needed to get to that Tootsie Roll center. Three licks my @$$!)

have a good day

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