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I loved hearing about your Christmases past! It reminded me of the year that we had just moved, and all our Christmas decorations were in storage (I was in about 4th grade). We strung popcorn and cut pictures out of old Christmas cards then affixed them in tart pans (I have no idea why our decorations were in storage but the tart pans were not!), then tied ribbons on the pans and hung them on the tree. It was one of my favorite trees of all time. I love that you still use some of your past decorations!

Wool Winder

I truly believe the best Christmas memories come from the days when money was tight and we had to be creative with decorating and gifts. I enjoyed reading about your memories.

Carrie K

The best stories seem to come from "we didn't have a dime, but...." and yours is no exception. Except for the tree pilfering. Tsk, tsk! But mostly because I'm allergic as all get out to them so we haven't had "real" Christmas tree in years.

Yup, headaches with the weather change. If it would just *change* and then stick and stop going back and forth.

Your mom's sweater looks great! Those pewter clasps really set it off.

Joan Armstrong

I love your jaywalker socks and Im a member of knitting4children and I have 1 face cloth done and working(knitting) my 2nd I would like your permission to have the pattern to make for the nursing home close to me for I cannot ship things due to $ problems me and my husband are unemployed and I do have alot of yarn to knit what can be used . Id like some info from you lol Joannie

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