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I'm so sorry to hear about what Michelle's been going through. I hope she'll be able to come home real soon. Is there an address we can send cards to? Please e-mail me (my e-mail address should be visible to you) if you can give me a street address. Thanks so much.


thank you for the update. i had no idea. i will be thinking about michelle and praying for her.


Thanks so much for the update. Let her know we're all thinking about her and praying for her. Hope she's feeling better soon and can get back to her gorgeous knitting.


Thank you so much for letting us know how Michelle is doing. She will be in my prayers. I found her blog a few days before she had to stop writing, and I've been checking on her every few days. I was so drawn to the giving, loving spirit I could see in her knitting. I pray she'll be back to her projects very soon.


I am so sorry to hear she was so sick. I hope she is getting better. Tell her we have her in our heart and prayers.


Hi Michelle's Mom and Hi Michelle,
I am so sorry to hear this news.
You are very much in my thoughts and prayers at this time,
Please send a street address if you can.
Much love and a hug


Carrie K

OMG! Michelle will definitely be in my prayers.


Thank you, Michelle's Mom, for writing to let us know why the blog has been silent for so long. I am so sorry to hear that she has been sick. Michelle is most definitely in my prayers, and I hope she is able to come home soon.


Thank you, Michelle's mom, for letting us know what's going on with Michelle. I wondered why I hadn't seen a post in awhile. I am so saddened by the news and she is definitely in my thoughts. I really like her sense of humor and all the "stuff" she knits. Her basic hat pattern is the one I use the absolute most, just love it. Please tell her to hang in there and I hope she is able to knit soon.

Wool Winder

I'm so sorry to hear this news. Praying that the chemo and radiation will do its job and that Michelle will regain her strength.


I'll be keeping Michelle in my thoughts. And you too, Michelle's mom. This has to be a heartache for you.


God Bless you sweetheart - your in our prayers ....

Becky C.

We are so sad to hear about Michelle's illness. All of her friends here at Knitting4Children will be thinking of her and pulling for her recovery. Thank you for letting us know.

Hang in there, Michelle! We miss you. Lots of hugs and love,

Becky C (List Mom at Knitting4Children)


Michelle's mom, thanks so much for letting us know about Michelle. Please tell her we've been missing her a lot on Knitting4Children, and are eager to have her back as soon as she feels like it. Sending lots of hugs and prayers,


Lynn Clearwater

I'm so sorry to hear of Michelle's ongoing problems; I wish her all the strength in the world to be able to get back to us once more. Prayers winging their way across to you and your family at this time.
Love and hugs,
Lynn in New Zealand

DJ Langer

Oh, dear. I have missed Michelle and wondered where she was. She will be in my prayers daily; as well as the rest of the family. I have been producing massive quantities of little booties over the last several years with Michelle's pattern. I could never have done it without that pattern. Please spend all the energy that you can on getting back to what you love, Michelle.
Heaps of hugs,


Please give Michelle my best wishes and good thoughts while she recovers. She is a great inspiration to my own knitting and a good friend (via blogland). I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers while I knit.


Thank you for letting us know. I hope Michelle is getting stronger every day and surfing the net for patterns to knit when she is better. I still love the picture of the vaccuum eating her knitting--I've sucked up so many things like that!


Dear Michelle,
Please continue to get better soon! I've missed reading your blog...but mostly, I understand the process of recovery. I'm sure your family can't wait to have you back home and up and about with them. (My former mother in law had several brain surgeries). Here's lots of hugs and love and prayers for your continued recovery!

My dad just finished his 2nd series of chemo with radiation a little more than a week and a half ago...I've been teasing him about glowing in the dark...shall we share the good natured 'ribbing' with you, too? GET BETTER SOON!

Lots of hugs...gently...


Though not a regular poster here (not sure if I ever have posted here), I was a regular reader. I finally quit bothering to stop by after awhile, but for some reason I refrained from deleting this blog from my bookmarks. I'm so glad now that I did, as it must have been God, or else I'd not now find out what she's going through.

I am so terribly sorry. Aside from the horror she's having to go through, I can only imagine how hard it must be on those who love her. I will pray for her.


OMG I just stumbled on the blog again and had no idea Michelle was so sick!

My prayers and thoughts are with her and all her family - I hope she comes through this ok!

I just came on here to say thank you for the bootie pattern which I have been making now for a while, and they are keeping many little feet warm that otherwise would be very cold - I knit for Brisbane's Needy here in Australia - and I have passed this little simple bootie pattern around to all the newbie knitters who want to help us keep homeless babies warm.

Thank you Michelle - and I pray you will beat this and get back to knitting and blogging

with love and hugs

Yvette in Brisbane Australia
Grandma's Knitting Place blogspot.com


Dear Michelle, we love you and are praying for your complete recovery.

Beth Koskie

Michelle used to be active in our group, All Crafts 4 Charity ... we'd love to start a card shower if we can get an address of where to send items ... a member found your note this AM and sent out the word, so the prayers have already started!

Beth :-) (one of the moderators)


New month, new hopes for Michelle's health! You're in the thoughts of so many knitters and readers. We are still with you!


I keep checking in each day to see if there is news. I say a prayer for Michelle each time I do.

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