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2-strand Beenies

2-strand Beenies

Yarn: Encore and Wool-ease
Needles: #11 dps
Pattern: Using 2 strands, CO 54 stitches and work K1P1 rib for 7". Begin decreases.
Row1: *SSK, k1 p1 k1 p1* around
Row2 and all even rows- work stitches as they appear.
Row3: *SSK, p1 k1 p1* around
Row5: *SSK, k1 p1* around
Row7: *SSK, p1* around
Row8: SSK around
Cut yarn, thread on needle and run throuhg remaining stitches twice. Weave in ends.

This make a very soft but warm hat- and it's quick.