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Yellow Wiggles

Yellow Wiggles

Pattern: mine
Yarn: TLC Wiggles
Needles: #6 circs
For: Little Life


(Variation of Warm the Baby Preemie Sweater.)

Small Preemie- Fingering weight yarn, size 3
Large Preemie- Sport weight yarn, size 5 or 6
Newborn- Worsted weight, size 8 needles

Starting at neck edge cast on 49 sts.
Row 1-2: k1 p1 rib.
Row 3: k1, p1, yo, p2tog, rib across. (Make buttonhole every 8th rows for 7 buttonholes.*)
Row 4: Rib.
Row 5: Rib 4, knit to last 4 stitches, rib 4.
Row 6: Rib 4, p8, place marker on needle, p6, place marker on needle, p13 place marker on needle, p6, place marker on needle, p8, rib 4.
Row 7: Keeping first and last 4 stitches in rib, knit across increasing 1 st before and after markers. (8 increases made- 57 sts.)
Row 8: Rib 4, purl across row, slipping markers, to last 4 sts, rib 4.

Repeat rows 7 and 8 twelve times MORE. (153 sts.)

Divide for Sleeves and Body:
Work 25 sts. of left front, slip to st holder.
Knit next 32 sts for left sleeve, casting on 2 sts at end of row. Slip remaining sts of back (39 sts), right sleeve (32 sts) and right front (25 sts) to stitch holders.

Working left sleeve sts only, purl back , casting on 2 sts at each end of row (36sts). Continue to work in st st on these 36 sts for 26 rows ending with purl row. Next row k2 tog, k1 across row (24 sts).

Knit 5 rows rib for cuff. Bind off loosely.

Right Sleeve:
Slip right sleeve sts (32) to needle. Attach yarn at sleeve sts and starting with knit row work to correspond to Left Sleeve.

Sew sleeve seams.

Attach yarn at arm edge of Left Front and pick up 4 sts at sleeve seam underarm. Knit across 39 sts of back, pick up 4 sts at sleeve seam underarm, knit across 25 sts of right front (97 sts)

Continue in stockinette stitch. 6 rows after 6th buttonhole, work 6 rows in rib, making a buttonhole in 3rd row. Bind off.

* For 6 buttons, make a buttonhole every 12 rows. After 5th, work 9 rows even, rib 6 rows, making a buttonhole on the 3rd row.

Note: The easiest increase is knit in front and back of stitch. I worked my increases by making a backward e-loop one stitch before and after the marker. For a decorative increase on a little girl’s sweater, do a yarn over.